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Beginning of May just saw our 4th annual international ethnographic experience workshop in Frankfurt. A rich day around the topic of ethnography in a business world application. More info here.
Diving deeply into the world of German senior citizens, their general values and habits and their mobility needs and behaviours resulted in a holistic vision of the "silver agers" and resulted in the creation of a targeted automotive value proposition of a major car manufacturer
Often the most simple and daily acts and routines hold the biggest hidden cultural differences and drivers and ask for thorough investigation beyond the obvious. Take the culture of cleaning and hygiene - a seemingly universal topic but when you look closely, you are bound for stunning surprises. Ethnographic work truly finds its value in such a category where it counts to go beyond the simple statement of “my bathroom is super-clean” to truly understand through observation what bathroom hygiene really means
Multimedia devices have long been conquering private space. Manufacturers need to be constantly adapting and improving their devices to an ever faster changing multimedia and gaming user landscape. Over the past years, insight europe has been investigating consumer worlds for diverse multimedia device manufacturers – always opting for an ethnograohic approach, allowing for true insights into lifestyle and usage habits in the relevant environement: from young gamers during marathon gaming events to kids playing in their rooms and families playing on their TVs
The topic of patient compliance is of crucial importance for pharmaceutical companies as well as manufacturers of medical devices. In the fall of 2013, the insight europe team visited households of asthma patients with the mission to uncover patient segments able to adopt an asthma device currently only employed in a clinical environment. Only diving into patients’ lifestyle and especially their living environment was able to yield the relevant responses
The DIY world is shaped by many facets (actual, projects, level of skill, means, cultural training…) and holds rich potential for product development in a multitude of DIY categories. To truly understand the richness of opportunities, insight europe immersed into German and French DIY realities. The comparative nature of results gave the study a particular value and painted a rich canvas from which a global manufacturer of DIY products was able to draw inspiration for innovation
The insight europe team recently immersed into African mobile communication worlds both in rural as well as affluent contexts. The study covering two African states yielded rich results on mobile communication needs and trends and helped inform the new services and branding strategy for an international mobile communication provider
More and more Apps are flooding into App stores on a per second basis. It is not just new service providers who are claiming this medium but also established companies that need to take this route to answer new consumer expectations on communication. Only a few really manage to stand out from the crowd; many just get lost in it. What are the do's and dont's? What consumer needs need to be addressed? The insight europe team in a cooperation with Stream Research, UK asked these questions and many more in an international qualitative study. For more information, please contact Nelly Kern or Simone Vogelmann
In the context of a global B-B study on practices and needs with respect to worksite security, the team recently visited worksites in various industries and identified invisible targets with distinct communication needs from an analogous era. Thanks to the ethnographic approach, the study results were able to illuminate the client on an unexpected and high potential target in the German market.
Creating and communicating products in a consumer-centric way sometimes requires more than consumer understanding. Reaching the level of consumer empathy, truly gaining an innate understanding of their feelings and needs can be necessary to really make the difference in today‘s world of information and communication overload. insight europe not only delivers compelling reports but also creates video stories or consumer plays bringing the consumer right onto the boardroom.
There are a lot of mums here at insight europe and the question about what really matters to us and how life changes is one we ask ourselves constantly. So we set out to ask this question to others and did so over the course of two years with a qualitative panel of young mothers (partially recruited starting week 17 of pregnancy). The research was designed to incorporate ethnography, auto-ethnography as well as classic workshop sessions. These two years became a passionate journey into the young mothers' lives. We witnessed their highs and lows and were able to track crucial moments in long-term behavior and attitude change. For more information please contact Nelly Kern or Eva Caspary
What are the actual gestures and acts of women, when stytling their hair? How do you uncover habits that are so routine that they happen without people even being aware of them? A specialist in haircare research, insight europe has been sharing intimate styling moments with women in various countries for years and just returned from a fascinating mission on hairspray usage among German women.
If we want to understand the realities of children and teens, verbal communication quickly reaches its limitations. We love to engage with children in their familiar space, together with their peers, learning more through participative observation than questioning. We employ specially adapted techniques to reach a non-rationalized level and to circumvent a “fitting the adult-world” type of response we would typically get with juveniles
New technology and especially the smartphone with its increasingly improved video capabilities are a great platform for an ethnographer who would ideally like to share a person’s life 24/7. The insight europe team recently conducted a study on snacking behavior of young mothers with the help of Skype and was thus able to be present live during all the “moments of truth” - with sound and image - whenever thoughts or acts of snacking occurred. The richness of information and degree of empathy conveyed beats any smartphone diary approach.